When Will KTU Publish Results ? | Result Publication Analysis

When Will KTU Publish Results ? | Result Publication Analysis

Fast result publication is one of the main advantages of APJ AKTU University. The university regular examination results were declared in a month or two, which is considered to be unimaginable till time. This is considered to be impossible in the history of other universities. Other universities lag behind by 8 months or more.

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Students are really excited to know their results and result publication is one of the major frequently asked questions by the students. We will surely take you through all the facts which will help you to answer yourselves for this confusing question ” When KTU will publish results ?” 

History Of KTU Result Publication

  • First Year

Batch & Semester Exam Name Exam Duration Result Publication Days Taken No: Students
S1 Supple  (2018) Supple 2/5/2018 – 23/6/2018  06/08/2018    
S2 – (2017-2021) – 3rd Batch Reg & Sup  27/4/2017 – 19/6/2017 01/08/2018    
S1 – (2017-2021) – 3rd Batch Regular 04/12/17 – 18/12/17 16/02/2018 60 Days 29747
S1/S2 Supple (2017) Supple 25/7/2017 – 09/8/2017 13/10/2017 65 Days
S2 – (2016-2020) – 2nd Batch Regular 25/5/2017 – 12/6/2017 07/07/2017 25 Days 34177
S1 – (2016-2020) – 2nd Batch Regular 6/1/2017 – 25/02/2017 04/04/2017 38 days 35229
S1/S2 Supple (2016)  Supple 1/7/2016 – 19/7/2016 30/07/2016 11 Days
S2 – (2015-2019) – 1st Batch Regular 20/5/2016 – 02/6/2016 24/06/2016 22 Days 39,705
S1 – (2015-2019) – 1st Batch Regular 04/1/2016 – 18/1/2016 20/02/2016 33 Days 39,777
  • Second Year

Batch & Semester Exam Name Exam Duration Result Publication Days Taken No: Students
S3 Supple 2018 Supple 02/6/2018 – 06-6-2018 Not Yet    
S4 – (2016-2020) – 2nd Batch Reg & Sup 01/6/2018 – 29/6/2018 23/08/2018    
S3 – (2016-2020) – 2nd Batch Regular 05/12/17 – 19/12/17 08/03/2018 79 Days 35729
S3/S4 Supple (2017) Supple 19/7/2017 – 27/7/2017 21/10/2017 86 Days
S4 – (2015-2019) – 1st Batch Regular 24/5/2017 – 08/6/2017 04/07/2017 26 Days 36531
S3 – (2015-2019) – 1st Batch Regular 9/1/2017 – 04/03/2017 02/05/2017 59 Days 36720
  • Third Year

Batch & Semester Exam Name Exam Duration Result Publication Days Taken No: Students
S5 – Supple Exam – 2018 Supple 7/6/2018 – 09/07/2018 06/10/2018    
S6 – (2015-2019) – 1st Batch Regular 26/04/17 – 19/05/17 08/10/2018    
S5 – (2015-2019) – 1st Batch Regular 04/12/17 – 18/12/17 28/03/2018 100 36196
  • Fourth Year

Batch & Semester Exam Name Exam Duration Result Publication Days Taken No: Students


Upcoming Results

KTU was planning to complete all valuation by 24th July 2018. However, the valuation have been delayed and was extended.

According to academic calendar semester registration starts on Aug 1, So result publication ensures a hassle-free registration

On August 7th the Subject Reg & Mapping Ends but this has been extended as we have predicted. So result must be published before Aug 30th.

As KTU couldn’t publish results on time, they have extented the subject registration to maintain this delay. 

Technical Side: Result Publication

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First of all only, the technical team will know when they are going to publish results.

After uploading marks from all valuation centers, the technical cell will forward the status message to KTU office and they have to send circular to publish results.

After issuing circular to publish results technical cell will be processing the results and will be uploading to main KTU Site.

Technical cell won’t disclose the exact time or date as they don’t want to overload their servers.

If you would like to know at least an approximate date u may contact KTU exam cell

S4 Regular exams:-

In 2018, unfortunately, the outbreak of Nipah virus postponed the S4 exams from the middle and was followed by almost 25 days gap. The exams began on 21st May and were scheduled to end on 5th June. However, the exams after 24th  May got postponed and was rescheduled finally to 22nd June and it got over by 28th June. Hence following the previous pattern, we expect the results to come by no longer than August 2.

KTU had only two batches when the S4 results were published up to last year, but this time there are 3 batches and hence the number of papers to be corrected is more.

Also, this is even semester we are talking about and the university also needs to finish the correction of the supplementary exam papers of 3 batches. This may increase the number of days needed to finish the evaluation since the number of answer sheets that is to be evaluated has almost doubled.

So if we take that also into consideration we might have to add 10 more days to the expected date.

Hence we think the results of S4 could be published anytime between August 2 and end of August second week.

S6 and S2 regular exams:-

Nevertheless, for S6 and S2, the exams began and got over earlier giving the students plenty of time to enjoy and work. For S6, exams began on April 26th and completed on May 19th (including comprehensive exam) and for S2, it began on April 27th and all exams except Computer Programming(CS100) got over on May 24th. CS100 was rescheduled to June 19th.

As per previous year, their results are supposed to come by June 23 for S6 and July 24 for S2 but the evaluation could have been delayed due to the outbreak of Nipah virus. As we mentioned above, in this semester, 3 sets of supplementary exams are also happening along with regular exam for 3 batches.

Acknowledging the fact that the number of answer sheets that have to be evaluated has increased, we are adding a few more days to the expected date.

The approximate number of students of 2015 batch is 39700 and many of the students of this batch has written supplementary exams of S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5. Same is the stats of 2016 batch where the number of students is close to 35200 who are writing S1, S2 and S3 supplementary.

The number of papers for 2015 batch is comparatively more than 2016 and 2017 batch.

So we can say that the S6 and S2 results should be out by the end of the first week of August.

It’s happening faster than we thought. So we think all secrets will be probably out by the end of August itself!

All the best from KtuQBank!


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KtuQbank: When Will KTU Publish Results ? | Result Publication Analysis
When Will KTU Publish Results ? | Result Publication Analysis
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